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Custom Fabrication

We offer custom fabrication services of high precision optical components covering a wide spectrum of materials and shapes in sizes from 50 mm to 1500 mm.  We utilize state-of-the-art testing methods to assure the optic meets the customer's specifications.  

DSCN3541 (800x600).jpg

Aspherical Mirrors

Telescope and instrument mirrors of all types.  We can supply the blanks or work with customer supplied materials.

Refiguring services are offered on existing mirrors requiring improvement.

Off-axis aspheres where the segment can be cut from a parent.

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Spherical and Aspherical Lenses

Spherical and aspherical lenses using all types of glass up to 1500 mm in diameter.

Null lenses for testing.

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Fabrication Capability

1.5 m CNC Generator

1.5 m swing-arm grinding/polishing machine.

Several 1 m class swing-arm grinding/polishing machines.

Special swing-arm machines for fabricating very steep radii convex and concave surfaces.

1.2 m Computer-controlled grinding/polishing machine with integrated swing-arm profilometer.


Computer-controlled machine integrated to a vertical test tower for in-situ grinding, polishing and testing.

Testing Methods

Mirror polishing on large tower (800x600

Phase-measuring interferometry.  We use Intelliwave software for phase-measuring augmented with 4Sight analysis software from 4D to provide complete surface measurement and analysis.

Swing-arm Profilometry.

Our swing-arm profilometer is capable of mechanically measuring the profile of a surface to better than 100 nm rms.  This instrument generally is used to guide the apherization process.

Holographic testing with Computer-generated Holograms.

The use of CGH's provide a highly accurate means of both creating a precise null for optical testing and for the verification and calibration of auxilliary null optics such as a null lens.

Vertical Testing.

We typically test optics vertically in one of our test towers supported as they will be in use assuring their operational quality.

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