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Amateur Optics

When you want the very best optics for your telescope Rayleigh Optical is pleased to offer to the amateur community:

DSCN4221 (800x600).jpg

Generation Services

Generation services on our CNC generator.  We can generate convex and concave surfaces up to 1500 mm in diameter.  We can also lightweight blanks by shaping the rear surfaces in various ways as well as cutting center holes and mounting pockets.

CGH test of null lens

Custom Fabrication

Fabrication of custom mirrors and lenses of all types: Newtonian, Ritchey-Chretian, Maksutov, refractors, etc., to your specifications.  We can supply the material and generate it ready to grind and polish or we can supply the finished optic and have it coated.  All finished optics are interferometrically tested and a complete surface analysis is provided.  We can also supply test equipment such as Shack interferometers, null lenses, or other test optics.

1.5 m lens side (800x600).jpg

Supply Glass and Equipment

We have on hand a wide variety of "used" optics we have produced over the years for various projects that can be reworked to make telescope mirrors.  A complete list can be found on the "For Sale" page of this website. From this material we can resphape it to your requirements or produce a new, finished optic.  We can also build inexpensive grinding and polishing machines and other types of fabrication and test equipment.

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